Payment Processors


(Formerly Secure-Bank) Digital Courier Technologies, Inc. (DCTI) offers advanced e-payment services that include an Internet payment gateway, fraud control and risk management, and real-time account activity reports. Global commerce is quickly converging on the electronic frontier. Consumers, businesses, and financial institutions continue to seek more scalable, secure, and convenient methods of conducting their businesses via the Internet. To address this trend, DCTI extends its payment platform across the entire financial service infrastructure to deliver a complete solution from the merchant to the merchant bank. Their platform is nested deep within the financial networks, streamlining both traditional transaction processing and conventional wisdom. Consumers, businesses, and financial institutions need a scalable, secure, and convenient method of conducting business via the Internet. The key to overcoming these barriers is a fully automated means of securely processing credit card transactions. To address this demand, DCTI delivers a complete payment solution to serve the needs of both merchants and financial institutions. DCTI provides an effective hardware and software infrastructure that reduces merchants' cost of doing business by limiting merchant discount and bank reserve increases. DCTI's services also help merchant banks satisfy their fiduciary need to control and limit merchant risk. Beyond risk-control services, DCTI also provides for payment authorization, merchant acquisition, and settlement. DCTI currently manages millions of credit card transactions each month for merchant banks and Internet-based businesses. Robust fraud control software makes these credit card transactions safe, secure, reliable, and cost-effective from card authorization to transaction settlement.

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