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oPAYc Pricing Information (Prices in US$)

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Single Driver
(per machine)
10 Pack
(per machine)
All Drivers
(per machine)
1 machine 150 300 600
2-8 machines 125 250 500
9-20 machines 100 200 400
21-50 machines 75 150 300
51-100 machines 50 100 200
101+ machines call for pricing call for pricing call for pricing

Payment processors can and do change their systems from time to time. We offer a yearly subscription to updated drivers for $50 per driver per year per machine. This provides access to the new drivers before scheduled updates (scheduled updates are twice yearly).

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The number of stores able to use the driver on each machine is unlimited.

You must have an ODBC driver manager on the machine to use the oPAYc Drivers. That can be unixODBC, iODBC or Windows ODBC32.

Custom licensing is also available, please call 905-680-0436 for email

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