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About Inline
Inline Internet Systems, Inc. makes a number of software products for the Internet including iHTML and the iHTML Merchant. The oPAYc product is designed to make integration to payment processors easier on e-commerce web sites and other electronic payment acceptance applications. There are literally thousands of companies that do and need payment processing. Each payment processor has their own unique advantages and interface. Inline has developed a product to build a standard API to all payment processors.

About the oPAYc Product
oPAYc is a standardized way to connect from an e-commerce/catalog type web site to a back end payment processor to clear a credit card. The product is currently in use in the iHTML Merchant storefront software and it's concept has been proven to be a sound and a viable method for allowing companies to connect to various payment processors easily and securely. There are currently over 30 payment processors in this system. It can be used in any shopping cart or custom e-commerce application.

oPAYc is not limited to internet applications however. It may be used in ANY application with or without a user interface, to clear credit card transactions electronically. As long as the application platform can execute an SQL statement, it is a candidate to use oPAYc.

oPAYc Application possibilities:

- Automated Dispensing Machines
- Recurring Billing of Any Sort
- Point of Sale
- Account Payment
- Charitable Donations
- WAP Terminal Payment Acceptance In the Field
- In Home Salesperson Payment Acceptance Online
- Distributed Payment Acceptance Call Center Such as Food Ordering
- Self Service Consumer Applications
- ePliances Such as Postage Meters

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