For Payment Processors

Benefits to Payment Processors

We are marketing this payment processor API to developers worldwide and as such it will expose your payment processor to a significant number of developers who can then implement it into their solution. The documentation will contain example code in 7 (iHTML, C, VB, PHP, Cold Fusion, Java & Python) different programming languages to make it as easy as possible to implement for a wide variety of users. Each payment processor will also have a marketing page included in the documentation and on this web site to promote your particular system. You can also refer your customers to this solution to help them get up and running faster with your service thus reducing your technical support requirements. Since we intend to promote this to various shopping cart companies, you will get additional exposure to their clients as well.

What we Need

There is a considerable amount of work involved in implementing this system and since we are promoting you and doing the integration work, there is a small fee to be included. This fee will increase once the product is released so getting added now will certainly be of benefit to you as opposed to later on. We are currently charging $2000US to be added to this system which includes having a one page marketing blurb in the documentation and on the product web site. (We are open to different forms of compensation as well.) We also will need the following information from you:
- technical contact including name, phone and email
- access to C source files for your API for all the platforms you support (we support all the major platforms including Windows, Linux, BSDi, FreeBSD, Solaris, Cobalt RAQ2 and SCO). We will sign an NDA on this.
- details of the sockets level interface if there is one as an alternative to the C source code.
- a non-expiring test account so we can test the implementation to ensure proper operation
- sign off giving us rights to include you in the package and your marketing materials
- commitment to provide us details of any API changes in writing 60days before rollout.

We do reserve the right to return the fee if the integration is not feasible and not add you to the system. Simply go to the registration page to be considered Here.

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