Payment Processors

Cardservice International

Cardservice International is an independent credit card processor. Based in Agoura Hills, California, Cardservice International assists merchants who provide products and services to businesses and consumers around the world. Cardservice International is one of the fastest growing transaction processing companies in the United States. Well known for its unsurpassed customer service, Cardservice International offers a complete range of traditional and Internet consumer payment options. Cardservice International has a rapidly growing customer base of over 185,000 merchants, processing an annual bank card volume in excess of 12 billion dollars. Cardservice International's Linkpoint API (v 3.8) enables the addition of secure socket layer (SSL) payment capabilities to our IHTML Merchant software. The SSL provides expanded payment options at the highest level of transaction security possible. With Linkpoint API in place, iHTML Merchant can ensure online merchants and shoppers advanced payment options and security.

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