Payment Processors (v2.5)

WebTransact is the Merchant Account provider of choice for over 175 ISP's in North America. Online merchants worldwide receive Real Time Transaction Processing of all Major Credit Cards. Whether you already have a merchant account, or still need one, we can assist in every step of automating your online commerce system in over 75 countries. Our multi-currency program provides merchants valuable real time statistics,transaction reporting tools, merchant account maintenance tips, and business analysis tools. Our Turn-Key Online Real Time Processing Solution has been incorporated into the iHTML e-Commerce product. Best of all, you can get started with our Unique U.S. Merchant Rental Plan for $99 upfront, and the International plan for $199 upfront. No Leases ! No Contracts WebTransact provides an easy to use format for both the WebMaster, Consumer, and Developer, with transactions conducted in over 165 currencies. Both the structure and processing system allow merchants to focus on more pressing aspects of their business, with the comfort and security of knowing that their Commerce System is automated. At the same time the consumer knows it can trust the online merchant because they are certified and authorized by WebTransact.

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