Welcome to the oPAYc Payment Processor API Driver Site

NOTE: September 26th, 2008: This product is still active and being developed further. As with a lot of technical companies we focus most of our energies on improving the technology instead of marketing. The site is not yet fully up to date with all the new gateways we support. We do support Paypal among others not listed.

oPAYc is a standardized way to do payment processing to a large number of different payment processing companies. oPAYc supports all of the major processing companies and can be implemented into most web sites using common programming languages. It has been built to be easy to integrate into any web based application.

- very simple standardized code to do a transaction
- examples for most major web programming languages
- easy integration to any web site
- detailed documentation

- time to market is much quicker
- less costly than custom programming an interface to the payment processor
- easy to switch payment processing companies

Learn more about the product and how it can benefit you, whether you are a payment processor, web developer, programmer or shopping cart developer

Can you afford not to be able to accept a credit card payment on your site if your payment processor's service gets disrupted in any way? Switching payment processors by using the oPAYc drivers is quick and easy!

Download demo versions now!

Integration examples are provided for ASP, iHTML, Cold Fusion, PHP, Visual Basic, C, Python and Java

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