Chapter 11 at Cybercash highlights use of oPAYc
March 03, 2001

No matter how established a payment processor may be, it is still possible that they go out of business
or suffer serious service problems. This is evidenced by the recent announcement of Cybercash filing for Chapter
11 protection. Your business can't afford to not be able to take credit card payments for
any amount of time. Being able to switch to a different payment processor quickly and easily is essential. This
is where the Inline oPAYc drivers really shine. To switch to using a different payment processor company is as simple
as installing a different driver and putting in the new payment processor account information. No need to struggle
through the hassle of re-integrating a different API. The oPAYc API is the same for all the payment processors we
support so switching payment processors is quick and easy.

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