iBill & Inline Partner To Deliver A One-Stop E-Commerce Solution
December 13, 2000

December 13, 2000 (Mississauga, ON)- Addressing the need for simple e-commerce technology and payment processing solutions, Internet Billing Company, Ltd. (iBill), the leading provider of payment processing and business solutions, today announced its partnership with Inline Internet Systems, Inc., a leading developer of e-business software products. The partnership allows iBill to launch its iBill Complete Catalog - a full-featured storefront builder and shopping cart system that enables businesses to begin selling and processing products and services over the Internet at one location.

iBill Complete Catalog also allows a business to build an entire storefront or add shopping cart functionality to a pre-existing site integrated with iBill's payment processing systems. Inline Internet Systems powers or provides the technology to build and manage the storefront as well as adds and stores items to be purchased on a single check out page. iBill's payment solution processes the order in one secure transaction.

The iBill Complete Catalog services gives clients round-the-clock technical and customer service support for billing inquiries, on-line reporting and tracking and a secure environment to process sales.

"Today, businesses are looking for an online e-commerce solution without the hassles of setting up a separate Internet merchant account and managing a web developer," said Garrett Bender, President of iBill. "As the first to market a 'one-stop' e-commerce solution it was pertinent that we find the right partner. Inline's solution was by far the most robust and easy to use e-commerce solution, allowing for a seamless integration process for our clients."

Together, iBill and Inline Internet Systems provide customers with complete solutions, from style templates and design tools to tax calculations and inventory tracking. Customers feel confident their purchase is being made through a secure site and any questions regarding the purchase will be answered by a knowledgeable customer service staff. Furthermore businesses have the luxury of a completely outsourced e-commerce billing and customer service solution that allows them to focus on what they do best - sell and market their product.

"Our clients prefer Inline's hassle-free storefront and shopping cart technology because the common sense design and robust features enable our customers to deploy it quickly and efficiently." said Russ Cobbe, President of Inline Internet Systems, Inc. "We needed a payment processing partner that would provide a hassle-free, secure solution compatible with our technology and our clients. Clearly, iBill fits the bill."

About iBill

Internet Billing Co., Ltd. (ibill) is a premier worldwide provider of transaction processing and e-commerce services that enable Web merchants to accept and process real-time payments for goods and services purchased over the Internet, and manage back-office functions using ibill's proprietary Commerce Management Interfaces (CMIs). ibill is one of the fastest-growing providers of electronic commerce services to small- to mid-sized Web-based businesses selling access, content, services, and tangible products. The privately held company was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in October 1996. For more about ibill, visit, or contact ibill at (888)237-1764.

About Inline

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. provides e-business related software products to small and medium sized businesses worldwide and has more than 7000 online stores deployed. Inline's software solutions including the iHTML web application server, the iHTML Merchant e-commerce software and the oPAYc payment gateway driver API. Inline is a privately held company based in Mississauga, Ontario and was founded in May 1995. For more about Inline, visit or contact Inline at (905) 712-3841

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