oPAYc Drivers for easier payment processor integration
October 23, 2000

Mississauga, ON - October 23, 2000 -- Inline Internet Systems Inc. is pleased to announce a new product for developers integrating real time payment processing to web sites. This is not yet another new payment processing gateway. It is a standardized method for doing transactions with payment processors such as Cybercash, Cardservices, Signio/Verisign, Echo, WorldPay, Clear Commerce, Cybersource, Clickpay, ibill, SurePay and many more. The release of the oPAYc Driver API makes completely secure payment transactions over the Internet considerably easier. Online merchants have hundreds of payment processing software available to them, but many of these different processors are not fully secure or are difficult to integrate. Inline's new oPAYc API system standardizes the transaction process for all and adds the security required to give online shoppers the peace of mind that is required when making online payments.

"It can be time consuming and frustrating to add real time payment processing to a website," says Russ Cobbe, president of Inline Internet Systems. "The oPAYc drivers we have developed make this integration easier and more secure." The oPAYc system currently supports 30 payment processors including those listed above, and Inline intends to add another 150 over the next year. Inline also provides a discussion forum and mailing list to talk about payment processing issues on the Internet. You can subscribe at the oPAYc web site ( Payment processors can register to be included in oPAYc at the website.

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. makes a number of software products for the Internet including iHTML and the iHTML Merchant. As a result, we realize the need for a product that makes integration to payment processors easier for e-commerce web sites and other electronic payment acceptance applications. oPAYc does this by standardizing the way transactions are sent from e-commerce web sites to payment processing servers. Included with the oPAYc system are illustrative examples in a number of different languages, including iHTML, C, VB, ColdFusion, PHP, ASP and Perl. Thus, developers can simply make modifications for account information, and the process of integrating or changing the payment processor with an e-commerce site is simplified. The oPAYc drivers basically work the same way as an ODBC driver communicating with a database, only they communicate directly with a payment server instead of a database server.

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